Saturday, 11 October 2008


WOW - the showdown between Winston Peters and Matthew Hooton during last nights session to pre record the Eye to Eye programme for screening at 11.30 Sunday morning, must have been be a bloody good dust up.

We know that Hooton called Winston a liar, a crook and a c**t...
Now we have been told by our TVNZ sources that NZ First staff have been pleading with the shows staff to try and pull the show.

They are trying to say that Winnie was ambushed.. and he would have never agreed to appear with Hooton. Originally Chris Trotter was to appear.

After 30 years in parliament you would wonder what Winston finds so scary about a novice political commentator like Hooton.

But our deep throats in TVNZ - say that the very original panel was to to be Winston head to head with Rodney Hide but he wouldn't have a bar of it - What is he so afraid of????

Seems he doesn't like seeing the whites of his accusers eyes - while they have no such problem.

But then when you are on the side of truth - its easy to stare down your opponent.

And our sources at the Herald on Sunday say they have seen the tape of the show and they reckon Hooton was the winner.

So Winston is not only a liar and a corrupt bastard he is also a coward and a loser


Adolf Fiinkensein said...

Well, that would be a change from John Key being ambushed.

alex Masterley said...

Who is the staffer? Tommy Gear?

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Since when was Matthew Hootton a novice - her is an 'old media pro' - a screaming right wing nutcase - even the Nats don't want him back in their employ - way to unstable !