Monday, 13 October 2008


Well bugger me, just as we thought- Winstons SuperGold card for oldies( or is it Helens?) is a complete and utter waste of bloody time, according to a story from the deep south.

We heard the same story over in the Wairarapa. The travel benefits are pretty limited. Much grumbling among the seniors there and now this in from the Southland Times.

So here are ten good uses for the Super Gold Card

Car Window Scrapers - On that cold winter morning and your windshield is all frosted over.
Unlock doors - If you have the right kind of doors, credit cards are a great way to unlock your door if you’ve locked yourself out of your house. Slide the card in by the bolt and move it back and forth until the bolt is moved over far enough to pull the door open.

Wallet - A friend of mine who lives in New York city has been the victim of a pick pocket a few times. Now, he carries a fake wallet in his rear pocket and his real wallet in his jacket. He fills the fake wallet with expired or fake credit cards, a dollar or two, and other misc. stuff.

Test your shave - Not sure if you’re getting a good shave? Run the edge of a credit card over your beard. The noise will tell you how well you shaved.

Aquarium Glass cleaner - Have a saltwater aquarium? Credit Cards make excellent glass scrapers for removing Coraline algae, and other crustaceans that grow on your glass.
Straight edge - Not able to find your ruler, use a credit card instead. The edge is very smooth and straight.

Caulking - Ever wonder how those professional carpenters get that nice smooth look? Me too, but I’ve found a really great cheat. Run the rounded corner of your credit card across the caulk bead for that professional look.

Bookmarks - Although I prefer something a little longer and thinner, credit cards can make for great bookmarks

Shims - Ever need to level something or fill a small gap when nailing up molding? Credit cards stacked up make great shims.

Guitar Pick - Now this is one I would have never thought of, but the thickness is about right.


pdm said...

Winston will be pleased to know that there are actually some uses for the card Helen claims as hers.
Has he been told.

homepaddock said...

No surprises - just another silly policy pedalled by politicians who forget some people still live in the provinices.