Thursday, 16 October 2008


This is music to the prawns...

we know that it is very very expensive... creating work is much more expensive than an electronic transaction direct to KiwiBank - but the reality is it gets people who have never been in work for a very long time back into the routine. it needs some working through but the basic premise is very sound.
Tariana Turia is a very smart woman...

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Pique Oil said...

As a freezing worker in the seventies I was on one of the make work schemes for a couple of months.
There was a lot of dolers who hadn't quite figured out that morning was the part of the day before lunchtime and the first joint.
We did a lot of community work like roadside gardens and clearing drains etc.
The organisation was left to city councils and was mind bogglingly useless. I didn't want the dole and it at least made me feel as though I had earnt the right to a beer at 5Pm.