Saturday, 18 October 2008


TVNZ has highlighted the involvement of Shane Jones in this affair - it doesn't surprise the Prawns.

Remember this is what its about

The guts of the story is that Yang Liu has a few passports and lots of money and may have donated to the Labour party and has already been prosecuted in Australia for money offences.

He was granted residency and citizenship by Labour

It appears that the Labour party have frequent fundraising parties at Jade Restaurant in Auckland. ( bloody good restaurant by the way )

A Labour candidate Raymond Huo thought Yang was a bit shifty.

Barker has issued a press release saying an investigation is underway into Yang Liu.

Shane Jones in involved as filled in for Barker because he had a conflict of interest.

And Dover Samuels is up to eyeballs in the scandal.

Seems that everyone visiting Roarprawn today has been using the search words Shane Jones, Yang Liu and immigration.

Bugger all were interested in Rick Barker

And we asked the question around the fishing link between Jones and Liu as well.
The PM has just been interviewed by Guyon Espiner and she says that Jones got advice not to grant the application for Liu and that he did not advise her of the issue.
Which is Helen Clark speak for " You're in deep shit and I'm really pissed off boyo"

And it appears that the Nats MP Pansy Wong was also supportive of his application. So what - she wasn't a Minister and didn't counter the advice of her officials.

Jones isn't taking calls - very odd for the Nga Puhi boy. But his friends will tell you he doesn't like fronting if he is in the crap.

We are glad that an inquiry has been launched - its a murky story and it needs to be sorted.

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