Friday, 21 November 2008


Many of the prawns enjoy a tipple and one of the favourite haunts in Wellington is Beaujolais.

Its a litttle wine bar tucked under the top steps on Woodward St. Some of us were there yesterday as its Beaujolais Day. The celebration of the first of the Beaujolias made from the Gamay Noir grape.

In many ways its not the greatest red wine. But its a hell of a good day.
This year Pete and Debs put on a lovely degustation menu, which considering the Boj kitchen is the size of a royal albert side plate was a stirling effort.

First up was a lovely demi tasse cup of roasted capsicum salmon and caviar soup. Next up was a fantastic tasing plate of little meaty morsels. then a palate cleanser and on to the main course - a wonderful duck , orange and kumara salad.
Pete and Steve entertain the diners

It was superb. the duck was divine. there was then a stunning little interlude of pear and white balsamic dipping sauce, followed by a washed rind cheese then profiteroles.
It was a splendid lunch and great atmosphere.

It was also great to see Janet Grey and Steve Morris from Copita helping out. Janet was cooking up a storm on the BBQ dishing up some very popular duck sausages.
Its a great place, great atmosphere, a excellent place to hide( its well known as the place to take your mistress) and Pete and Debs know their wine and food.


Lee Clark said...

Beaujolais has to be one of the oldest and cleverest marketing ploys ever.

Anonymous said...

I don't agree.

The Beaujolais Nouveau stunt has helped cash flow and has allowed the region to sell its poorer wines fast, but it has also led to the whole region and its better wines being associated with poor quality. It is now very difficult for the better Villages to get the premium thier wines deserve. And it has meant that the very beautiful region has not delivered on its full tourist potential.

Unknown said...

Watch out its Nouveau Day On Thursday!! Lets do it all again Anton is cooking up a storm in the kitchen and the Boys will be outside selling croissants with wild bore and Japonica Sausages all day. Get in Quick!