Saturday, 8 November 2008


Great stuff - we will be getting a lovely bottle of Hill of Grace if National and Maori work together. We reckoned all along Maori will be with National.

And No more corrupt politicians in parliament Winston is stuffed and has conceded- And if there is ever another sniff of corruption by any MP we will hunt them and roger them until they are gone too.

To the scampi rebels - Well done. We expect there are still a few more stories to tell and we will be happy to help telling them.

Damien O'Connor is gone - and he is so low on the list he may be out altogether.
Mark Burton has lost his seat to Louise Upston
Darren Hughes has lost to Nathan Guy
Mahara Okeroa is also looking stuffed - ye ha -Its about time that Te Tai Tonga had a decent MP.

And the Greens still scare the shit out of people - they didn't make double figs as some predicted.

And to the VWRC - see you tomorrow...


Oswald Bastable said...

Well done- it's people like yourself putting the pressure on that had made putting the poodle down possible!

Anonymous said...

I'm having some Moet at the moment. Yum yum. Tomorrow the hard work begins!
All I can say about Winston is that he conceded gracefully. Well done I like that. Better that than being a sad bastard about it.
Bombshells my arse by the way!

Anonymous said...

What a great clean out of trash in Parliament!

Thank God there are still enough real kiwis left to ensure we get a good government again.

What a great attitude John Key has shown - Pacific drums and dancing Sikhs at a National party celebration - man, what a change for the better.

And including the Maori Party when he doesn't have to - don't let Peter stuff that opportunity up, Taria. This could take all of us up to another plateau.

At last a genuine opportunity to take our country forward without all this archaic socialism nonsense.

We all know the challenges are huge, but the great thing is I have the impression John Key knows this better than I do - and that I will have confidence the vital issues are recognised and being dealt with - instead of getting angry and frustrated to see our country being destroyed through ignorance and ideology.