Friday, 28 November 2008


This in from SPAZ

Today sees the demise of a Wellington institution, the Flagstaff Club. The club was formed as the Capital’s monthly lunch venue and put up the closed sign today after thirty years of serious eating and drinking.

The club was born at the St George Hotel, gaining its name from the Flagstaff hill on which the hotel stands. The luncheons originally offered a general speaking forum, but as members’ preferences were focused on sporting personalities, the focus moved there.

Speakers included: Colin Meads, Buck Shelford, Graham Lowe, Dick Taylor and club members Keith Quinn and Earl Kirton.

Special guest today is the original St George proprietor, Jack Cooper, who has made the trip from the Cook Islands where he is best known as Trader Jack.

It was also the only club that managed to keep the faith. It never ever allowed women members. We thought that was bloody cool. Trader Jack will be a great speaker - we had lunch with him yesterday - He's a good bastard and he has some amazing stories to tell for a boy who came from Island Bay.
But from time to time in that wonderful tax haven he calls home he does keep some interesting company. BB

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