Friday, 14 November 2008


We have blogoholism. It is very similar to being under the spell of the piss fairy. So we are going to go away dig gardens, eat whitebait, catch and smoke eels and receive some intensive counselling. We will drink good wine, like a nice bottle of Winston Churchill and another of Hill of Grace we have been saving to celebrate the ebbing of the red tide and the dismissal of Winston and of course, the Maori Party being offered political partnership. We are also writing a book - but its not about scampi but about spies and fish and stuff.
We would like to thank you all for your support - and we had heaps of it. Just on 3000 of you tuned in one day and by the end of the day we will have clocked over 65,000 visitors since we started late in August.
Maybe in time, we will do another blog thats just about food and wine - but not for a while.
We remain and will always be true Blue. We think we got just the Right mix in the end so to speak. Because we also support the Maori Party. And we think John Key is going to be a very very good Prime Minister. So thanks to all the grumpy buggers on the Left who gave us lots of information for us to share with everyone. And double thanks to the journos who helped us and whom we helped a bit in return.

If you need to contact us BB will take care of all correspondence so email her on

So from
The Brunette
3 Maori prawns
Designing prawn
hairy oyster
the sweeper
steamy boy
whetu chini
diplomatic prawn
dining prawn
the strapper
Wanaka fisherman
and of course Spaz,
Arohanui and

See You On the Tide


Keeping Stock said...

You will be sorely missed - there is now a gap in my daily reading! Arohanui from the Inventory whanau.

Anonymous said...

Kia Ora Bb, been a great trip the last few months, take care and good fishing. Arohanui.

Anonymous said...

Don't go Busted Blonde.
You will be sorely missed.
But thanks for your insights all the same.
What will hapopen to the sacmpi?
And is your break connected to your outing of Queen bee yesterday, who hasn't blogged today?


homepaddock said...

Roarprawn has been on my must-read blog. You had the contacts, you got the goss, you included the south and you wrote about it with style.

Thanks for all of that.

Enjoy the gardening, the seafood, the wine and the writing.

Anonymous said...

Perhaps the drone has gone back into his hive

Anonymous said...

BB didn't out Queen Bee yesterday at all.

However *he* has been outed.

His silence since just after 8am yesterday morning is eerie.

Tanya Stebbing said...

Please stay, BB. You have become a regular read, just as good as No Minister, and Kiwiblog. You will be missed, is this just a temporary thing?

Anonymous said...

...I have enjoyed your presence on the Web

Thank you!

Enjoy the summer...

Anonymous said...

Goodbye Roar Prawn, we will miss you. Enjoy your rest and please come back. fyi QB is definitely NOT a woman.

Anonymous said...

Sad to see you sign off BB. You and Queen B became my first ports of call each day. I'm a little surprised that you are going before all the questions are answered. Not grizzling tho'- you have achieved a heap - you and the Prawns. Thanks for that.

Anonymous said...

ah you will be back prawn. its a drug. you cannot stay away. I enjoyed your views and good luck with the imbibing and prose

Anonymous said...

I was hoping you would hang about until the cell door slammed shut behind Winston and his henchmen. What about all the unanswered questions?

wino said...

There are too many unanswered questions still.


Take a well earned break BB.
But please come back fighting fit.
The Nats will need your support esepcially if grim times force unpopular decisions.
I too have enjoyed your postings and commentary.
You have been a most valuable member of the blogosphere.
If you don't want to return to blogging on your own, I am sure we can find room for you at No Minister.
I bet you might receive other good offers for your many talents.

Anonymous said...

The journey isn't over until you reach your destination, hopefully you are refueling. No too much high octane stuff