Wednesday, 26 November 2008


We were a bit perturbed to hear that Agenda on TV1 is on the way out. It was a pretty stuffy show but at least we got a dollop of good political debate once a week. However we think it is time for a format change - to ensure that younger voters find it appealing.As a nation we need to ensure that young people stay engaged in the political process. The Back Benches Show on channel 7 Freeview is a much more entertaining show but still manages to inform. And we like anything that takes the piss out of people who have big egos.

Now surely someone can come up with a format that marries the both shows and reaches a wider audience.

And of course BackBenches is filmed live so you can be part of the fun at the Back Bencher pub tonight.


Tim Selwyn said...

The bloggers at Tumeke! have been doing the Sunday News Roast on Alt TV channel 65 Sky for many months now. Sundays 7-8pm. It is live.

euminedes said...


Anonymous said...

Who fronts it - not Oliver Driver I hope.