Monday, 10 November 2008


We spend a bit of time lurking in govt departments and we see so much waste , stupid jobs, stupid strategies. We know there are also people in the public service who are committed to what they are doing and really want to make the country a better place.
But its time for teh public service to take a good hard look at what it does and how it does it. It has got so bloody fat - becoming an economic jabba.

Key has said that he wants to reduce government waste - yee bloody ha , we say.

We have seen thousands and thousands of documents in store rooms and even in off site warehouses that go nowhere - publications that should never have been published - companies on " preferred supplier contracts" that have not felt the cold chill of competition for years.
Or stupid campaigns ( like the multi million dollar campaign to get us to change to better lightbulbs. )

It must change - If you have any evidence of waste - email us anonymously at We will print all the best ones.


Anonymous said...

What about terminating the contracts of all pr/propaganda/comms consultants
for a start BB, they obviously know far too much of what is going on!!!

euminedes said...

great idea!!!!

euminedes said...

if we are not adding value then we would expect to feel the cut of the razor

Spaz said...

I am confident that this is the waste basket JK will focus on. Why then did you use the Minister of Maori Affairs to illustrate your point?

tina said...

thats just mean!