Tuesday, 11 November 2008


We love helicopters ands we are still giggling over the fact that it was one that stopped the red tide in its tracks. It was Eumenides providing the documented proof of the relationship between Peters, Meurant and the Velas in the form of a helicopter that was the final nail in the Axis coffin. It was Peters denial of the use of that helicopter and the subsequent pictures of the said helicopters that resonated with voters who finally realised their political god had clay feet. Peters was Clarks last hope and Eumenides last furious stroke smote him down and took her with him.

We think that Eumenides should be in the New Years Honours list for services to the nation.

And if you think that Vela is left wing - think again - the $200,000 he donated to the Axis that was Peters and Clark was just play money. And he loves playing.

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