Wednesday, 12 November 2008


We had a "piffany" at 3am this morning. Amazing what a few bottles of Pinot Noir can do to the head cogs.
Nicky Hager has a mission , should he choose to accept it. It is to investigate Winston Peters, Hoki, and Scampi quota allocations and Ross Meurant. It just makes sense. We know that he has contacts deep within the ranks of NZ spookdom so he should be able to get to the bottom of what really went on, who paid what to who and why, and why we have two fisheries that are not looking all that flash sustainability wise.


Keeping Stock said...

Sheesh - I can smell "best-seller" already!! Brian Henry will be delighted too - imagine all the litigation that would follow!! Bring it on we say, bring it on!!!

Spaz said...

You are pretty vague.

Is Harger going to investigate, or did you have a wet dream?