Tuesday, 11 November 2008


We have been saying this all along and again we were bouyed by Tariana Turia's statements on RNZ, Maori news on Morning report. Tariana berated the voters who backed Horimia and Mahuta saying that they had not thought through the options well enough. She wants to be able to make a difference. She can and she will go with National and we reckon the electorates occupied by Mahuta and Horimia will be the last on her list when she goes on her hui hopping tour to get the backing of Maori to support the Nats.

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Spaz said...

Despite Roar Prawn's irrational devotion to Rodney, JK has already sensed the atmosphere. Having Rodney, and grandad Roger, looking over your shoulder would be bloody impossible.

With Maori Party support Rodney won't cast such a giant shadow.

JK needs the Maori Party. If Maori want to achieve this time around they need JK. Strange as it sounds, it could well be a marriage made in heaven!