Thursday, 13 November 2008


A hat tip to -Doug. It appears the well respected political scribe from the South has to eat his words. We are happy to provide the waipiro and kai and the wharenui to ensure that he carries out his pledge. email to get details. Other gallery members and media commentators invited on request.

UPDATE - Espiner has risen to the challenge ! well done!

From Colin Espiner Blog
maori-national coalition - no chance

I’ll go further. I’ll say this: the Maori Party will not go into a coalition government with National. If I’m proved wrong after the election, I’ll print out this blog and eat it, live on webcam.

We are delighted he was wrong.

The thing is there were only four things we really wanted - Labour gone, Winston gone, a corruption inquiry into fish, but most of all we wanted Maori to work with National and turn their back on a political past that has held them back and left so many of them struggling to crawl out of the welfare ditch of despair.

And congratulations to the negotiating teams from Maori and National parties for showing that when time is of the essence you can get the job done quickly. Tino pai!


Anonymous said...

Puts the Brash aberration right into the past where it belongs - and lets look to some real social progress (not those social engineering and PC crap diversions) supported by some serious economic growth.

This looks great for NZ's future ... and the goodwill to make it work appears to be there all round.

Anonymous said...

It also puts the Nats. back to the past.You thought lots of people were leaving because of Klark well it will be nothing to the repeat of the 90's when thousands left because of Maori issues.