Wednesday, 26 November 2008


This in from Jafaprawn

Which defeated Labour Cabinet Minister is said to have used taxpayer money to fly his taxpayer-paid and supposedly nonpartisan portfolio private secretaries to fly to Auckland to hand out Labour Party propaganda around his electorate and provide other advice and assistance to his campaign?

Hint: It’s the same defeated Labour Cabinet Minister who, as part of his electorate office’s work in assisting people to enrol to vote, is said to have destroyed voter enrolment forms from people suspected of being likely to vote National, and only forwarded the enrolment forms to the Electoral Commission if he thought the potential voter was a Labourite.

Another hint: It’s the same defeated Labour Cabinet Minister who used his taxpayer-paid staff to write creepy congratulations letters to every kid in his electorate who won a prize at their school prizegivings. And we’re not just talking secondary-school kids. Come third in chess at your local primary school in his electorate and you could expect to get a personally signed letter from your local MP – with handwritten “PSs” to the parents. Yuk.


Keeping Stock said...

Chris Carter?

Anonymous said...

I think Chris Carter won his electorate. The reference to he or his rules out Tizard - who is left?


Damien O'Connor?

Whaleoil said...

Duh! FFM, Damien O'Connor lives in the South Island

Anonymous said...

The reference to defeated applies to him losing his Cabinet position. He is still an MP.