Monday, 24 November 2008


We here at the prawn have had a great run commenting , musing , shit stirring, pretending to be a journalist, commentating and generally taking the piss over the last few months . and we were going to hang up our key board and did for about a week . We will continue for a while and see how things go - we still have some scampi, hoki, seafood issues to explore. We also note that Home Paddock is sad at the demise of Antidismal which is the latest blogger to succumb to blog fatigue.

We reckon that it maybe time for a few of the blogs to join together to get more critical mass and wider readership. More in the style of the Pundit which we find too worthy and not enough fun but its starting to get some traction so maybe it needs some serious competition. So if you aren't doing this because of some sort of ego trip but want to widen the debate on the big issues and at the same time introduce another layer of humour and fun in the blogosphere then maybe this is time for a few of us to to get together and form a "superblog". I reckon we need - a motoring nut, a sport billy, cartoonist, a political commentator, food and wine buff, for starters.


Anonymous said...

It seems to me thay you, homepaddock and Keeping Stock would make a good fit and be a good start.

Lou Taylor, Grant and Adolf from over at No Minister would also be complementary but it may not be politic to poach them.

Madeleine said...

I'm keen :-)

Keeping Stock said...

I'd be interested BB, but only if I could be the resident "sport billy". I'd even be more interested if you could pull some strings with your network of contacts and get the occasional corporate box invite for the sports correspondent too!!

homepaddock said...

Group blogs have their merits and what you're proposing would be good reading, but I'm quite happy on my ownsome, at least for the time being.

There's no requirement to do a certain number of posts a day - some blogs don't do any posts some days.