Thursday, 6 November 2008


Winston Peters claims he has been “cleared” by three separate, independent investigations. But, let’s face it, NZ First filed false returns in 2005, 2007, and probably 2006, Peters filed false pecuniary interests returns in 2006, and 2007, he was found not to have told the truth, and personally benefited by $140,000 through private donations, and may have sold policy for cash. So is that vindication?…

We agree - its not vindication - we still say he is a corrupt prick.

TV3 was being disingenuous this week when it tried to justify running new excerpts from conversations covertly taped at a National party social function in August. It said the tapes had been passed to it “exclusively,” and it had a duty to publish them. But did it test whether the tapes were authentic or doctored, give the context, or even name the source, which has been all over the blogs? Media’s claim to objectivity is undermined when it’s seen to be acting as a tool of political interests trying to damage their opponents. If something was obtained under false pretences, doesn’t re-broadcasting it extend the false pretence? No wonder people distrust this kind of shoddy journalism…

Yip - it was very lame journalism and we expected more from TV3 - we were deeply disappointed in the way they handled this story. It has been the blogs who have gone the extra mile to find out who the taper was.
And was the PM being just as disingenuous when she described the latest tape as a “cracker,” and then later said she had no knowledge of how it was obtained……The normally garrulous Labour Party President Mike Williams who trawled through Court documents in Melbourne to uncover what was going to the neutron bomb demolishing National’s John Key has been remarkably silent this week. Has he been gagged, or just lost his cell-phone? There’s been speculation in Wellington about how lo
ng he will retain his various lucrative Govt appointments if there is a change of Govt……
not long - not long at all - but then he's old and tired so retirement probably looks good.