Monday, 24 November 2008


We reckon we are on the eve of a big slump but we have found a place where the drinking and eating prawns can go and feel like all is well in the world. Its the newest restaurant bar in Wellington called Osteria del Toro.

Now BB arrived in Wellington 10 years ago and didn't know the difference between sauvignon blanc and Cabernet sauvignon - not even the fact they were a different colour. ( we did know a bit about beer though)

anyway after a whirlwind exposure we soon had the wine thing sorted and loved nothing better than a lovely sav blanc - appreciation of reds came took about two years and was mainly centred on the fruity pinot noirs of NZ. It was another three years before we discovered the old Tuscans and that some good tipples came out of Chile and Argentina.
Now days we still know bugger all about wine compared to some of our more sophisticated wine buff mates but we understand the grace and beauty and depth that can be found in wines from far away places. And we know that many of our wines are overpriced to buggery and lack depth and character.

So this is why Osteria del Toro is a very good place. - It does not stock NZ wines. Nada - none. There isn't even an Aussie red on the shelves. We think this a great sign of maturity.

So far we have had pizzas and nibbles for lunch and a stunning Portuguese Touriga /Roriz Barco Negro Douro 05. BB is more Portuguese than Maori so it was a fitting choice.
the good thing is they serve more than a few bottles by the half and full carafe. So its cheap drinking.

We are going back for more. On Wednesday nites they have Mojito and suckling pig - yip just wine and meat. BB is a militant carnivore so its going to be a "must do". Well done John Lawrence and his team for the opulent fit out and knowledgeable staff who introduced us to the pleasures of good sherry hitherto unknown by our grandparents who were used to some sickly shite from McWilliams that even made the trifle taste funny.

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