Monday, 10 November 2008


We think that this would be an inspired move. She is a lefty, hes a lefty and we know how comfortable she is around Maori - Just ask Tariana. So she wont have any problem dealing with Obama.

And whats this? Jones up to his old tricks - the wily dali maori boy is doing the numbers - no surprise there, anyone of the Maori intelligensia will tell you that backroom politics is Jones forte.
And remember we still have the Bill Liu scandal to play out yet as well.

It is going to be an interesting week.


Anonymous said...

She was one off the instigators with our nuclear polices causing the Americans much displeasure, can you she her been welcomed with open arms. The arms maybe, like large calibers!!!

Anonymous said...

Wrong place.
We need a conciliator in Washington
However, Helen in New York would be another matter.
The United Nations folks love a good debate, so does Helen
That's the place for her, no doubt in my mind. NZ Ambassadress (in pants) to the UN.