Friday, 7 November 2008


The Greens are moving quickly to distance themselves from the Taper ( whom we are convinced has illegally taped conversations). they called for a clean up of parliament and hate spying and have called for an inquiry into corruption - we could not agree more and this incident should be part of it. Kees Keizer has a tape we believe will have on it recordings of conversations between other people who did not realise they were being taped, and as every journalist knows - thats illegal. You can tape a conversation between two people as long as one person is aware of being taped. You cannot tape conversations of two or more people without their knowledge.

Update whaleoil has the legal oil

Then there is the Crimes Act, Part 9A, Crimes against Personal Privacy.

Kees Keizer should be really very worried about these provisions of the Crimes Act. Section 216B allows Kees to record the conversation as he was a party to it. Where he runs into problems though is Section 216C.