Tuesday, 4 November 2008


Clark has finally conceded NZ First are in trouble. Now she wants their votes. How venal. Expect some dirt on Labour to filter out in the next few days as Winston gets his final revenge. Anderton, as well has hinted darkly about Winston and United Future blocking fisheries legislation after the Dominion revealed they both had received money from fishing magnate Philip Vela. Anderton should be very careful - we can hear whispers in the wind as it blows through the trees. We think that if NZ First voters have any sense and we think they do, they should vote for National.

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Anonymous said...

Anderton, careful?
Nah, he's far to cocky.
Hope there is a bear trap there too, not that it really matters - though it would be nice, just to make sure that creep Robson doesn't slip in through disaffected Labour votes switching over.
Looks like Dunne is cleared ok - see over at DPF's blog.