Wednesday, 5 November 2008


Today, the world became a better place as one of the great nations of the world elected Barack Obama, an African American, as the 44th President of the USA. The US needed change and today they got it. It signals a huge maturation of one of the powerhouses of the world.
We commend them.
It is a good day for New Zealand as well. It shows, we too, can go bravely toward change. We need to say no to the politics of envy and control and say yes to politics and leadership for freedom, pragmatism and aspiration.
We believe John Key will hold out his hand, to the Maori Party even if he has no need. He knows that to solve some of the issues that are vexing Maori, requires the leadership of the Maori Party. He knows and believes in inclusion, not for the sake of political expediency, but for the sake of a shared future for all New Zealanders. The same shared future that the USA voted for today.

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Anonymous said...

Oh yes - the best reason to put JK in power that I can think of. I hope it happens. It won't under Helen.