Friday, 7 November 2008


This in from SPAZ

""The mighty public relations machine belonging to the Auckland Warriors exploded in flames on Friday after carefully sowing the seeds " of a major national move" by using Radio Sport during the peak hour morning show - they followed with their "bombshell"
We wondered had Eric Watson has gone bankrupt - were the warriors in receivership or had they been thrown out of the competition. ?
None of the above! they have re - signed former captain Stacey Jones 32, after 12 months vacation overseas - big deal.

At his peak 10 years ago he was brilliant - but in his last season with the Warriors he was ordinary.""

Spaz says he hopes everyone felt as stupid as him waiting for the " big announcement"

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Anonymous said...

There is nothing sadder than watching some-one who has retired with much fan-fare make a come-back. They generally end in tears.