Saturday, 29 November 2008


Julie is a mate . She is also a very talented singer. Her mum died of Breast Cancer so 10% of the album sales will go to Breast Cancer research.

This will be a great concert reminiscent of the old Sunday Afternoon jam sessions at the 1860 bar in Wellington for those who are the same vintage as me and remember back that far.

So if you aint doin anything on Sunday 14 Dec rip along to the San Francisco Bath House in Cuba St. You are sure to have a good time.

Its free and you get a bite to eat as well.

Bluzilla (Des Mallon Vocals; Ben Litchfield Bass; Mike Jamieson Guitar, Harp and Vocals; Conrad Finch Lead; and featuring Ian Parker on drums.) 1/2 hour set
The Spines (John McLeary Vocals and Guitar; Les Knight Bass and Rikki Gooch Drums) 1/2 hour set
Julie Lamb - the album launch 45minute set
Drums: Des Mellon
Percussion: Des Mallon - (Andreas Lepper at the launch)
Bass: Elliotte Fuimaono
Guitar: Andy Mauafua/Mike Jamieson/Des Mallon
Horns: Damian Forlong and Andre Paris
Accordian: Rebecca Greig
Keys: Ed Zuccollo/Zach Beard/Jim Rush/Ben Litchfield (Ed Zuccollo at the launch)
Mandolin: Alistair Cuthill
Cello: Tim Beals
Saw: Lockie Stewart
Vocals Julie Lamb
Choir Vox Serbicus
Main BV's Dave Feehan/Emma Davey

And this from Julie.
This album project has been amazing. I have had the fortune to work with some incredible musicians, and met more than my fair share of generous and supportive souls. Thanks to you all.
The album name comes not only from the lyrics of one of the songs, but also from the sentiment ‘that it's the most I’ve done so far, and the least I will do’.
It’s a mixed genre collection - from 5 part acapella (with Vox Serbicus) to full on blues, funk and rock numbers. I really hope you enjoy it as much - actually MORE - than I’ve enjoyed making it... Then it will be truly stellar!

"My Mother Made Me Do It!"

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