Monday, 20 April 2009


Debra Hill-Cone has bloggers all in a lather over her comments about blogging. Sure bloggers poke the borax at MSM writers - we do it because we can. Blogging is about commentary, its loose its unruly, its unstructured and its bloody powerful. Of that we are in absolutely no doubt.

Here is her article.

I can understand that print journalists harbour a certain enmity towards bloggers and those unshaven "new media" types whose office is a cafe. I doubt horse-drawn carriage artisans were big Henry Ford fans either. But what I find intriguing is how bitter and twisted "new media" types are about the rapidly atrophying old media.

Hardly bitter and twisted - just derisive, and scathing.

The Newspaper Association of America met this week to hear Google chief executive Eric Schmidt - a cheery gathering I'll be bound - and one tech-loving blogger Jeff Jarvis posted an alternative speech he thinks the old-school print wallahs should have heard. It wasn't so much a speech as a giant raspberry. "You've had 20 years since the start of the web, 15 years since the creation of the commercial browser and Craigslist, a decade since the birth of blogs

and Google to understand the changes in the media economy ... to use the power of your megaphones while you still had it to build what would come next. But you didn't. You blew it." The print media - "angry, old, white, men" - was out of touch and arrogant and should get the hell out the way to let a new generation of net natives "who care about the news" take over.

Well, ex-squeeze me. Jarvis giving the bird to bastard bigwigs doesn't shed any light on how the media might turn a buck so we can fund quality journalism. All this old versus new media aggro is just a distraction from the fact that neither Jarvis, nor Rupert Murdoch, nor any of the hundreds who posted responses to Jarvis' speech, has an answer for the future of journalism. So it's much easier to just snipe at each other.

Well Debs is right there. And we have pondered this one as well. Remember journalism is the vehicle used to sell advertising.There are very few subscription only tomes that have survived.

In New Zealand bloggers are also getting snarky at their print counterparts. Right-wing blogger Cameron Slater, known as Whale Oil, who has broken stories including the scandal of Winston Peters' ministerial car, seems desperate to start a turf war with print journalists. He has been firing shots at journalists Jonathan Milne, Ali Ikram, and Damien Christie for daring to make controversial statements on social networking site Twitter. Presumably he

sees Twitter as his personal territory. One item was headed "More Journos make twatters of themselves" while in another Slater suggests the print journos ought to be fired. Are we really on opposite sides? I never realised I was supposed to choose which camp I belonged in. I thought I was just a journalist.

Thats the thing - we arent journalists, we are the rebel outriders who tell stories and offer opinion and we we do it mostly in written " sound bites" We may once have been journalists but now we are more commentators and largely we do it for fun. That really sets us apart from the MSM pack.

As for quality, that will ultimately be decided by the readers - they will go to the outlets that give them what they want.


Adolf Fiinkensein said...

Anything mildly 'bad' which MS Deborah what the hell ever her name is can identify palls into insignificance when laid off against the wall to wall, disgraceful and irresponsible coverage by her beloved Antique Media of the travails besetting Mr Tony Veitch which has been inflicted upon readers, listeners and viewers for more than a week..

kehua said...

Well said BB sometimes I listen to the News and think that I`m clairvoyant then the disapointment dawns, damn! read it on CK,RP or WOBF 48 hrs earlier. Was once a time when good old KB was my source but David is just not cutting the mustard since the Election unfortunately.