Monday, 13 April 2009


Its not the home website for the Tribe here

It's the Ngai Tahu property website here , its clean, fresh, is easy to navigate, and is a tribute to the people who are directly responsible for growing the tribes property portfolio.

and the Seafood Site is good as well.

We really think that the main tribal website needs a new look.


Anonymous said...

surely BB is not advocating that the tribe spends more dosh on shameless self promotion??

all the websites are a bit out of date especially the seafood site.
looks can be deceiving.

it is always a hard call - i have some idea of how much it cost to have the seafood branding exercise and how much it costs to keep websites up to date and relevant (especially when everyone has a view on what is relevant) and when the tribe spends that kind of money they get bagged because there is an aunt somewhere who could not afford her medication or a ngai tahu child who needs this or that and why do we spend money on this and not that?

i am not saying that all the websites could not do with an overhaul i a just predicting some of the responses that inevitably come when the tribal funds are spent that way.

Evelyn Cook said...

A clear, user friendly website is a necessity at all levels given how widespread the whānui now is and how effective the internet is as a means of communication.

Likewise, our commercial operations are just that, commercial and anything produced by them should show the highest degree of professionalism possible for the budget they spend on advertising. Of course, their managers need to find the right balance of advertising versus return as is their fiduciary duty to the shareholders.

The obligation of OTRONT to shareholders is no less important and it is not especially easy to navigate the site. Like all such resources, it needs revisited at regular intervals to maintain relevance and effectiveness. It certainly is overshadowed by the two sites quoted by BB. Perhaps some might use the site more if it were more user friendly