Saturday, 25 April 2009


We have it on good authority, that the very dishy and well connected Mark Weldon - he who runs NZX, is seriously considering a tilt at the big windmill that is the Auckland Super City as its new CEO. This is very smart on a number of fronts. He is a business boy and the city needs to be run like a business. Weldon obviously has some serious currency with John Key. Key put him in charge of the Job summit and yaks to him all the time. Banksy is an old face and Weldon is a new one. We need new faces.

The power of the Key , Weldon team ( remember that Auckland is the biggest business next to Fonterra) could be awesome.

Sort of like the business equivalent of Batman and Robin.

We like it very very much.


Anonymous said...

I thought all fools day was at the beginning of this month. Seriously I hope you are not serious. The NZX has been a disaster to anyone who is a customer of its services. Ok for the owners I suppose.

Not your best suggestion and I wager Cate will have something to say as well.

Anonymous said...

You are joking...

There is NO way Weldon would even make a short list for this job.

He has lousy people management skills, has no comprehension of how to leader with influence, and certainly has no expertise in managing an organisation with about 6000 staff, so he wouldn't even qualify as being suitable for the role. A more realistic suggestion, who'd be highly capable, would be Chris Liddell.

You're dreaming Roar Prawn....or maybe you baked some hash cookies today and are hallucinating as a result of sampling them.

bustedblonde said...

We do a lot of things including eating tripe but we dont do drugs. Its a pretty good source. he would be a good foil for Banksie

Adolf Fiinkensein said...

Rod Petricevic would have more show of being elected. Weldon might make CEO if he had a decent track record but has he?

Anonymous said...

With your network, try and find a few of the people who have worked at NZX and resigned.

I am sure you will hear stories that support most of the above coments so far. NZX is dysfunctional.

Anonymous said...

He'd never win- Banksie will do him over.

He has no respect in Auckland- he doesn't impress.

South Auckland and the westies at least have a grudging respect for Banks straight shooting-they'd trust him as back up in a knife fight (thats how they think out there), can you imagine Weldon trying to connect with Mangere? Or Wellsford? Thats what the succesful candidate has to do-and everthing in between.
Its no job for a pretty boy-