Tuesday, 21 April 2009


But like it or not a good old fashioned post match rugby brawl is just sooo damn sexy. According to the NZ Herald, Rugbuy Southland is investigating a scrap at a weekend rugby match in the deep south. Now in our days of Southern rugby watching , brawls were a common occurrence. There was a bit of biffo, everyone would stand and watch and goad them on and when someone looked like they were getting a bit hurt, it would be stopped. Bloody noses and black eyes, and a bit of winding - That was about the strength of it.

What sets this one apart was it was between spectators. Now that's just not the done thing. But it was at the match between Wyndham and Mataura - lots of cousins there - not ours - just lots of cousins kissing and fighting all the time..

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pdm said...

BB as a true Southlander you will be pleased to see Jimmie Cowan was let off by the judiciary. As i said at Keeping Stock yesterday it only looked a penalty offence to me. In fact before the sanitisation of rugby it would heve been `play on'!.