Thursday, 30 April 2009


In expected fashion the Greens are looking organised and ready to race. They yappy Jack Russell Norman has sent out a missive to his troops. they have already raised $14,000. Expect them to run a high profile campaign

Heres the missive

Kia ora koutou,

I’ve just been selected as the Green Party’s candidate for the Mt Albert by-election. I wanted to get in touch with you straight away – to tell you why I’m running, and to ask for your help.

We’re putting up a Co-Leader as our candidate because a lot of what’s important to Auckland is important to the Green Party. Our vision for a sustainable, fair, peaceful, and democratic Aotearoa resonates with many Aucklanders, particularly in Mt Albert, which is one of our strongest electorates in the country.

Interesting - I didnt know that.

It’s true that I’ll be the underdog, but I think we can put together a great campaign and really hold the big guys in the old parties to account on issues like healthy local democracy, a transport network that really works for Aucklanders, clean water, and every Kiwi’s right to a fair go. It’s also a chance to build our Party and reach out to Auckland more than ever before.

We can hear the woof woof yap yap from here

Should the Green Party pull off an upset win in Mt Albert, the Chief Electoral Office has advised that another list member, Dave Clendon, would join the Greens in Parliament. Getting a 10th MP, of such a high calibre, would really be the icing on the cake. It’s important for you to know that no matter who wins the Mt Albert seat it will have no impact on the Government’s majority in Parliament. And, I also want you to know that if I win, I’ll move back up to Auckland.

Well that sets it out nice and clear.

Next comes the ‘how’ and that’s where I need your help. To run an outstanding campaign we’re going to need the energy, passion and resources of our whole movement. Please help:

· Campaign on the ground in Mt Albert. We need people for doorknocking, leafleting, putting up billboards, scrutineering on June 13, data entry, helping at public events and meetings, liaising with community groups. Please contact my campaign manager.

· Donate to the campaign fund. We've already raised $14,000 but to run a serious campaign our goal has to be $40,000. You can contribute directly by setting up an AP or making a one-off donation to the following account:

Going to be a very interesting campaign.


peteremcc said...

Why is the goal $40,000 when you're only allowed to spend $20,000?

Surely the greens won't be trying to cheat the system...

Barnsley Bill said...

They probably want to raise a bit extra so they can forward fund the campaign for Annette Kings seat when she pulls the pin after the leadership challenge in late June.