Monday, 20 April 2009


Stuff reports on the human face of public service cuts. Its a crap story, one source and an unnamed one at that. Really really shoddy journalism.

However , they are right we are expecting some cuts to be announced pretty soon. Now if the Govt was being really pragmatic they would fold Womens Affairs into the Ministry Of Social Development. Customs may be feeling a bit underworked with drops in cargo in and out of the country. And what about staffing at our airports?

We expect to see some cuts in IRD - as businesses fold and there is less processing, All Policy departments need to be trimmed - halve them. Simple.

All publications to be reviewed. Move most on line. Ban Statements of Intent. WE dont want departments INTEND to do we want to know what they WILL do and then put some KPI's around it.

Building and Housing can be cut to half of its current staffing levels.

That's just a few for starters.


Bryan Spondre said...

I have little sympathy for the young lady concerned. She has probably been paid far more than she is worth for at least four years. The employment agencies no doubt creamed the profits delivering eager young workers to the Labour job machine.

The real architects of her misery fucked off to New York on Saturday. The young lady may be learning a hard lesson about where the real economy is, then again Helen Clark never did.

Adolf Fiinkensein said...

And the silly bitch got sucked into a rental property to boot.

There's plenty of work for able bodied young people caring for older people in rest homes. Vacancy lists a mile long. Pays about $35k per year for a fifty hour week. Migrants don't seem to have any trouble doing this work but of course your average Kiwi with a degree wants a cushy number with $80k for thirty five hours on the job.