Friday, 24 April 2009

Readers will be well aware that Roarprawn's BustedBlonde, and her epicurean assistants, cover the food and liquor industries with a diligence which borders on fanaticism!

So it is probably no wonder that we stumbled on this revelation.

It appears that after the highly-publicised demise of the Temperance, quick sale of The Establishment, and the pathetic existence of the swill house Loaded Hog with its skeleton staff and in serious need of a decent swipe and wipe, the Wellington empire of the once-mighty Dominion Breweries is staggering.

Apparently management is closely monitoring some 30 outlets. What happens in case of a disaster? Thirty pubs on the market?

Impossible, you may say........ yet remember what happened a decade ago to the mighty Thwaites, Griffith empire.

Will history repeat?

Readers can be assured your team is still closely monitoring!

Steinlager anyone?

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