Wednesday, 15 April 2009


And lefties.

Chris Trotter wrote something
and thought better of it. So he hid it. He could have just said it was crap and disowned it but due to the miracles of the net that is not easy.

So here is his rant on Fiji. Forever on the net.
A a a a a a Coo Mod Ore


homepaddock said...

It's a woman's perogative to change her mind but in the interests of equality the odd man has the right to second thoughts too.

There is a difference between deciding you don't like your own writing and preventing someone else from giving their views.

homepaddock said...

That's odd as in one of a few not odd as in strange.

LAMBCUT said...

Better be careful you never have second thoughts in cyberspace BB. You might end up hoisted on your own petard.

That aside, Lambcut thinks Trotter's withdrawn post is well considered, though he describes it as self indulgent and bad tempered. I'ts unusual to write so clearly on an issue and then do a complete about face in a matter of hours. Wonder what happened?

Wanaka Fisherman said...

I see a blowflies leg sticking out of Trotters nose, he was probably hiding from the post too.