Friday, 24 April 2009


Something very odd happened to our snapper card about a week ago. We knew at the time that we weren't the only ones - The Snapper people were very forthcoming on that one - And we cant fault their quick sort out. But today we read in the Dominion about a woman who was charged $97 for a bus fare and we wonder if the problems are a bit bigger than the ones we suffered.

We thought we had about $40 bucks on our card and then we got on the bus and it said low funds. So we went to a nearby dairy and loaded up another $50.
Then we got on the bus and still insufficient funds. The lovely bus driver said that it was common for Snapper to take 24 hours to load the balance. Anyway we didn't use the bus for a few days and then we got a call from Snapper. There had been a glitch, and my card would need replacing and they would give me a $10 credit as well for the inconvenience. We duly did but we had a real problem trying to load the card details on the web site. Anyway the Snapper people sorted that out as well.

Only thing is some of our IT mates reckon it sounds like Snapper was hacked.
This morning about 8 people seems to be very surprised to hear the bus machine tell them that they had a low balance - that's the same message we got. So we reckon that Snappers woes aren't over yet....

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