Thursday, 16 April 2009


We have joined up with Powershop and its early days yet so cant really say what savings we have made ( we are pretty confident we will ) but we love the level of service. Had a wee query and it was answered in a a nanosecond or there abouts. Its also fun if you like to take a bit of a punt and guess the weather , power demand etc.

Anyway we have had the call from Genesis and it was very interesting - They wanted to know why we had made the switch. We told them that it was because we wanted a better deal. They asked ( obviously reading from a bloody script) what it would take for us to stay with Genesis -
" Money" we replied. Silence - Obviously the script writers had anticipated that answer.

Anyway go sign up here - it only takes a few minutes and they ( PowerShop ) take all the pain out of it by dealing with you old (charges like a wounded bull) power company.

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Pique Oil said...

Isn't it amusing how these companies always ask how they can keep your business once it has gone. If they engaged with their customers and treated them properly they would not have them leaving.