Wednesday, 22 April 2009


Solid Energy is a responsible company that cares for the environment. It is in the business of extracting coal from the Earth and the company does a bloody good job getting the land back to the way it was after they have finished mining.

However their latest move has eclipsed all their previous environmental protections.

<---------They have removed one of the most hideous dirty smelly eyesores in Happy Valley
And they have made sure that it will not be back.

While under the previous government they were forced to go at Snails pace, under this administration common sense has prevailed and they can get on with doing what they do best, mine coal.

We think that the Solid Energy should be given this years Green Ribbon Award for Environmental Champions for their efforts in reducing visual pollution onthe West Coast.

The snail huggers will be very unhappy . Time to get a job boys and girls , time to get a job.

Well slather the snails in garlic butter - someone in Solid Energy has a sense of humour. They biffed the rabid snail huggers off the mine site on EARTH DAY.

The Greens are as snotty as - snail snot.

We cant stop laughing !

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Whetu Chini said...

Sense and reason prevails! Huzzah!