Tuesday, 28 April 2009


Well that's according to Guido - Gordy Brown met with the Mexicali Prez Felipe Calderon last month and since then its been plague and pestilence for the wee bugger and his peons.
Last month innocent little President Felipe Calderon of Mexico led a full state visit to Britain. He happily shook hands with Jonah (Gordon Brown), he dined with Jonah, he spent time with Jonah unknowing of the fearsome risks. Inevitably within a month the curse hit Mexico hard. Plague has come in the form of Swine Flu, taking the lives of over a hundred Mexicans so far. The prolonged proximity to the Presbyterian pestilence has brought double tragedy for Calderon’s people. Already reeling from the swinish plague, Mexico has suffered an earthquake of magnitude 5.6 on the Richter scale.

Well spotted Guido , Well spotted.



Barack Obama has an even worse impact when he calls.


Observer said...

Government heath agencies have confirmed a widespread Wine Flu outbreak as a nation of drinkers wait anxiously for further information to be released.

Thought to have started as an adverse reaction to the pandemic of substandard wine offers flooding the New Zealand market, Wine Flu is a fast acting virus that makes sufferers unable to stomach cheap, nasty wine again.

Symptoms of Wine Flu include cold sweats, hangovers and nausea but a Government Official reassured drinkers by announcing that simple steps can be taken to stop the spread of the virus.

"Sufferers must refrain from buying cheap, low quality wine and switch to cheap good wine immediately. We recommend any good clear-skin as an immediate antidote. Anyone who does not have clear-skin access should contact their local hospital for a Wine Flu sufferer's kit designed specifically for their wine tastes."