Friday, 17 April 2009


We had a mild amount of sympathy for Tony Veitch. He waited too long for a trial, his ex was definitely a paua, he had no other history of domestic or other violence. It started to drain away as in every interview we watched, the pint sized broadcaster didn't look all that contrite. It was still all about him and the effect it had on his life.

But then we watched Close Up and we lost every smidgen of sympathy and respect we had left for him. He showed a very dirty vindictive streak. So, yes he waited too long for justice , yes it is hard for " famous people to have a " normal " life but shit you do not under any circumstances after saying that you did not hate the victim and wished her well - then launch into this tirade .

Meanwhile, on TV ONE's Close Up, Veitch was asked about speculation that his legal team had "some dirt on her" that led to the plea bargain.

Veitch replied: "I did some investigating ... I went and I dug and I went through records and I went through discovery and do you know what? I had a good time and I found stuff. So you are talking about dirt, (I am talking about) evidence."

Sorry Veitchy, humility, and a face that really looks like it means sorry would have been good. Instead with that one statement, you showed you were a nasty vindictive little prick.

Seems that Cactus is also of the same opinion


Marty Mars said...

I agree with you on this one BB. It's always been about poor Tony, he's scum in my view and should have done time - probably would have, if he was brown. It's quite nauseating to hear his voice and I hope he stays off our screens and radio - but with all his celeb mates that seems like a long shot.

kehua said...

The convicted woman basher Vietch just will not shut the fuck up, fat Sainsbury and the Vietch twerp have this wierd ad on Tv1 for Closeup on Sunday night. They both need a good kicking and then a massage with the old trikunes.

Anonymous said...

My ladies at work, several who had been victims of domestic violence listened to Sue Woods interview. One sat in her car for an hour listening. They would suggest that if you can find the interview on radio that you listen. (hey not my opinion.)
I can also name three men who have been dealt to in the last year or so with the same type of scenario by absolutely deranged women.
One should analyze cause and effect. Every person has a breaking point and there are at least 15 charges that should have been leveled at Dunne-Powell, and that is after she should have been issued with trespass notices and non molestation order. Which men just don't get.

Prediction for you all that history will repeat itself in the DP household. Wouldn't want to be in his shoes if things turn bad, and they will.

Anonymous said...

In other words, she was asking for it?

Hope she wasn't wearing a short skirt.

Hope she knows how to cook eggs.