Monday, 20 April 2009


Well it appears that Grumble thinks he has a good plan for Busted Blonde to lose some weight. We don't get it. He has joined us up to PETA

Pamela Anderson fronts it from time to time , now we thought Grumble was promoting BB as the new front for PETA - we have the right assets.

But no, he reckons that we should be helping them with their PR after they tried to get Minister for Spider Bites

and Natures Flatulence, Nick Smith to support their cause by pleading with him to go vego.

Now we know that Nick Smith is no vego - he definitely does not like muttonbirds and we chewed his arse off one day and he definitely did not have a vege taste about him. So Peta was on to a loser from the start by asking Dr Smith to come to the aid of their banana loving rank and file.

Now Alf reckoned that eating veges and giving up meat would see us slim. Bollocks. We will trim the fat off our lamb chop and wriggle and giggle our way to Sweating with Socialists to get rid of the lard or our arse thank you very much.

And Alf had is wrong - we don't do PR. We are into Affairs - the more Public the better - Its says so on our card. PR is way too boring for us.


Cactus Kate said...

I am into affairs as well BB.

kehua said...

peta---Please exterminate these arsoles. Biggest bunch of lying fuckwits on the planet.What the fuck would these vegan pricks that generally live in penthouses full of dogshit and cat piss know about our NZ way of life ? Sweet f.a yet they try to influence people to boycot our meat products. Leave it alone BB you are to smart for these wankers.

Whaleoil said...

Nothing wrong with PETA....well the PETA I belong to....

People Eating Tasty Animals