Monday, 27 April 2009


We bought a Blackberry last April - we love it. Its on a 24 month plan. All good. Not so, it seems buried in the last few paras of Chris Kealls revelation in the NBR that Vodophones I-phones will run on Telecoms wizzy XT 3G network, is this nasty little insight about our favourite phone.

The telco has yet to say if any BlackBerries will feature in its XT line-up, for example (Telecom currently does currently have a “worldmodeBlackBerry 8830 aimed at business travellers - many of whom may be surprised that their RIM device won’t run on the new XT network.

And because the BlackBerry handset relies on a proprietary BlackBerry server, it’s far less of a candidate for network hopping.

Well yes we are bloody surprised - we would not have entered into a 24month contract if we had realised that the Blackberry face dont fit with the XT network.

We want answers and quick bloody smart.


Anonymous said...

Not sure what your Rort is. you contracted with telecom to receive a service that coudl work both in NZ and overseas for a period of two years. Is there any evidence that this won't occur? All that is happening is that you won't be on the new network. Blackberries tend to need to be replaced after 2-3 yezars anyway courtesy of the overuse etc. At which time a new smartphone service is likely to have been bedded in. Do you really want to be on the bleeding edge for devices on the new network

Observer said...

The old Blackberry will continue to work, as the current network will run for at least three more years. In 11 monthe, there will be a vast new range of 3g-850hz phones that will be compliant with the next software upgrade to XT, due in December this year.
You are in the right place, stay there until the contract runs out, then get the newest fanciest phone these is - again.