Tuesday, 21 April 2009


We have just been watching Close Up which tonight is being hosted by the irreverent Paul Henry.

He is doing the story on the Supreme Lodge motel in Palmerston North that has banned
all Wainuiomata residents from staying there because they keep wrecking the place.(We have stayed there.. We had a Cactus weekend there about 8 years ago- no names)

Henry invited Trevor Mallard MP and defender of the high culture of Wainuiomata , to chance his arm at getting a booking at the said Motel. However Mallard was met at the door by a burly Scotsman, asnd joint owner who sent the dork on his way- telling the poleaxedMP, in no uncertain terms that he was banned. The motellier lifted his arm to nudge him out the door and Mallard squeaks " don't touch me don't touch me !"

What??!! is this the Minister who biffed Tau Henare and got done for it ?

He looked an utter wanker - we can see a Whale Oil U tube vid coming to a computer near you soon.

And good on Supreme Motor Lodge. Its time for Wainiuomata's good citizens ( apparently there aren't many of them) to clean up the town image.

Mallard would have been better to have called a meeting in Wainuiomata and looked at some solutions - instead he will be ever remembered as an attention seeking yesterday politician with a lithp.

Update Whale has the goods here on vid


kehua said...

Hi BB kehua has to admit to spending his teenage years as one of Wainuis rampant wayward youth and what a neat place to be a wayward ,rampant youth .Oh for the chance to live it all over again, but alas not with the current crop.

Cactus Kate said...

I hope you are referring to what I get up to in a hotel room BB and not inferring I would ever stay at a motel. Least one in Wainui!

bustedblonde said...

it palmy and yes Cactus weekends are about shagging - it was a very down town establishment but the boy was very uptown.

Anonymous said...

What's with Paul Henry staging this? He used to be so funky, edgy, cool, but he seems to be getting more and more bitter, nasty, shrill.

Cactus Kate said...

isn't Palmy a student town? he'd be better off banning them as well.

kehua said...

CK you are starting to sound like the Greens with the B word.