Wednesday, 15 April 2009


While the focus in the Pacific is on Fiji a protest of a different sort is happening in neighbouring Rarotonga. Trader Jack, Jack Cooper arguably operates the most popular bar and restuarant there. It is well known world wide.

Now Jack is not someone you want to piss off. But he is bloody grumpy. Appears that the Cook Island Govt is about to enact some legislation that will make the island virtually smoke free. It is a way more draconian that our laws. It essentially makes all outside areas smoke free as well. Including the beaches. So that means smokers are limited to smoking in their own homes. the law comes into effect on June 1.

Anyway Trader enacted his own wee protest in true Trader Style over Easter.

We are with Jack on this one. We are very anti tobacco but laws like this only piss people off and are unworkable.

Here is the advert for the big smoke in . Apparently it was a very very big night. Smoking Ad CI News 110409-1 Smoking Ad CI News 110409-1 bustedblonde anti tobacco, trader jacks, rarotonga


Anonymous said...

Jesus what will Winston do?

Cactus Kate said...

I love the Trader. But I also love smoke free bar environments. Everything about not smelling of tar at the end of the night is liberating.

I am not a social liberal. No prick has the right to blow smoke in my face. Fuck 'em.

LAMBCUT said...

Cactus, if you are worried about second hand smoke in an out door environment, you don't have enough in your life to worry about, and furthermore, you are stooping to the level of any other nanny state, wannabe baby minder.

LAMBCUT said...

It occurs as an afterthought, that Lambcut doesn't care to be assailed by the constant stink of sewer invectives in the blogosphere; but there you are Cactus.

On your reasoning, there should be a law against it.

LAMBCUT said...

Just for the record folks, not so very long ago, Cactus Kate joined Lambcut on the outdoor seats at Beaujolais, presumably because she was momentarily bored or irked with one, some or all of BB's friends. Lambcut being polite said, I hope you don't have 10 minutes to live if you breath second hand smoke, 'cause I'm about to light up. Cactus Kate, being Cactus Kate, replied, "I don't give a fuck".

The Optimus Prime Experiment said...

Was there three weeks ago. Had the Parrot Fish. Good service too!