Tuesday, 28 April 2009


OK, he is losing as bit of hair and he looks like he is part ginga but he's easy on the eye and the latest revelations by Whale and Kiwiblog show that he is going to be perched on the most right hanging branch of the Labour Party tree. He likes guns and shooting, likes private armies, has been overseas. He was the Heralds man of the year in 1992. He speaks well, looks kinda cute - for an almost ginga.

What a huge contrast to the androgynous Ms Clark.

All the wee red missys will be fizzing at the bung. He will be a shoo in for the Mt Albert nomination.


CB said...

He was my science teacher at High School back in the 80's.

All us girls swooned over him and he is still a cutie!

Far too cute to be in Labour.

Anonymous said...

Get it right BB.
It always was, is and forever shall be MISS Clarke.
Not that I do!

Anonymous said...

Jesus BB, you need to lift your standards...he's bloody ugly.

There is nothing remotely hot about him.