Thursday, 30 April 2009


We are sitting in the Koru lounge and it has been interesting to watch the sycophants make a beeline for Michael Cullen and shake his hand.

Why we wonder. The bastard left the books in a bloody mess. He was a weaselly horrible little man who despite being a good debater lost any respect from us, because his wit was always laden with venom.

Unlike David Lange whose enemies would still smile as he cut them off at the knees, like this wee gem:

After a hard fought nomination fight, only one National Party candidate stood in Lange's way. Clem Simich was standing for the seat too.

"In those days Mangere didn't have buses going through it, many didn't have cars that worked, but there was always the tell-tale parts of broken down vehicles all over the road where the kids had been playing.

"National decided to impress by sending in a motorcade. There came Clem. He swept through in a Rolls Royce with a Bentley in behind.

"I said 'Go around Clem, go around again!"

David Lange roared into life, arms waving, excited at the punch-line of his account.

So we are glad to see the end of the uppity little wanker and his acid sarcasm.

It was interesting to note that Tracy Watkins in the Dom Post this morning reckoned his final speech was "reserved."

Of course - when you emasculated someone as Key has done to Cullen, offering him a plum post you tend to be just a little calmer...

Accepting that post showed just how shallow and unprincipled the little prick is.

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PC said...

Good story by Lange.

But the fat pillock had a bus stop almost outside his house. I can only imagine how much truth is in the rest of it.

"Never let the truth get in the way of a good story." That's something both Lange and Cullen subscribed to.