Thursday, 9 April 2009


Lambcut posted recently on the Iraqi Journalist who threw his shoes at George Dubya after a preposterously severe sentence was handed down to the man. It was reported yesterday that the sentence has been shortened from three years to one. The defense successfully appealed against the original ruling to the Federal Appeals Court, citing an Iraqi law stipulating a maximum sentence of only two years for "publicly insulting a visiting foreign leader". Lambcut doesn’t mind “insulting” any authority that has such a law. Firstly the judge behaved like a sycophant when he appeared to take the US backed Iraqi politician's finer feelings into account during sentencing; secondly, no mature democracy should have law that precludes insulting a politician, foreign or otherwise. As people lucky enough to live in a mature democracy; it’s our job. And, the US occupying forces should not have countenanced the Iraqi judiciary's over reaction either. After all, to quote one of their own, "America was born of protest, revolution, and mistrust of government. Subservient societies neither maintain nor deserve freedom for long" - Republican Congressman Dr Ron Paul.

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