Friday, 10 April 2009


Today we took the Famous Falcon out for a spin. It's a cool old car. We are very pleased to have it back. We aren't car people, the two we have aren't worth as much as the John Deere Ride on lawnmower. I told Mum that today and she laughed - she reckons their 15 year old Toyota Camry isn't worth as much as their golf cart either. Just goes to show how we prioritise the things in our lives.
We ended up at the Mt Holdsworth camping ground. There were hundreds of people heading up the tracks to go camping for the weekend. We passed two young fellas pitching a couple of tents as their girls sat in the long grass the autumn sun burnishing their long brunette locks. Lucky girls, I thought, then they stood up and I realised that the girls were about 5 a piece. Dads and daughters camping by the river. Nice.

Anyway we wandered down the track aways and spied what our family has always referred to as Treetop Tegels. It was a fat woodpigeon. Very nice. There was snow on the Rimutakas and Tararuas. There is a nip in the air and the countryside is all gold yellow and plum.

New Zealand at its colourful best.


alex Masterley said...

Visited Mt Holdsworth for the first time at Xmas. It almost, but not quite, reignited the tramping passion. A lovely area. Despite the popularity itwas very peaceful too.

kehua said...