Saturday, 8 August 2009


Tonight everyone is expected to be glued to TV3 for what is being billed as an old style Telethon.
Okay we get that. Here's the blurb on the charity

Your support of KidsCan is invaluable and we are looking forward to an incredible weekend on Saturday August 8th and Sunday August 9th for the Big Night In, Telethon screening on TV3. The money raised over the 23 hours of Telethon will go towards supporting the 153 schools on the waiting list for help from KidsCan Stand Tall.

The children at these schools are in urgent need of our raincoats, shoes and food programmes.

However all the bill boards we have seen have centred on giving kids shoes.

Well bugger me - we spent our entire childhood trying not to wear shoes.

So whats that about?

Anyway KidsCan seems, on the face of it to be a worthy charity that aims to look after poor kids - but burrow down into their website and you get a sense of a purpose built vehicle to give some marketing types a job - ( all the trustees are marketers) and to promote the All Blacks

Are we just a wee bit cynical perhaps?

Now if kids in the far north like their new coats that make them walking talking billboards for the All Blacks then all and good but how much do the trustees make and how much money goes to the kids compared to what it costs to run KidsCan?


Anonymous said...

Any curiosity in that respect can be answered by having a look at the charities office website.
The accounts for this charity do not list very clearly how many raincoats etc have been distributed, or even how much money was actually spend on them.
What is clear is that there is a lot of money going to all manner of 'associated' costs, so to speak.

tina said...

thanks for that - we will do more digging ..

Anonymous said...

the founders are married to each other (as a quick google demonstrates. The website says they have distributed 20,000 coats and 5,000 pairs of shoes. I guess you can assume $20 bucks a pair, and the same for a coat.

That suggestst the value of the goods distributed is of the order of $500k. Add distribution etc and being kind suggests that outgoings before salaries etc would have been about $1m since they started.

So how much have they collected so far?

Anonymous said...

Glued to the TV ?
Like hell I will be.

Anonymous said...

yes you are right, the accounts are remarkably informative, another "boutique" charity. When will we learn.