Friday, 21 August 2009


We were intrigued by Cactus's very good post today on the appearance of a Jenni McManus Jane Diplock story in the Independent . As usual it was a classy piece. What people forget is that it was
Cactus who first started asking some pointed questions about Diplocks overseas travel bill and the curious lack of focus the Securities commission had on its core business. Simon Power, a bloke we have come to admire, it seems, is now taking an interest. Well done Cactus.

However, it was also the readership figures of the Independent she quoted that we found particularly interesting.

Cactus is now one of the top dozen political blogs and undoubtedly the country's best female blogger and one of our best columnists in either print or on line.

She is pulling four times the audience of the ailing Independent.

Now we are back to being a part time blogger , but we too at Roarprawn are already back up to audiences that compete with the Independent. And each week that audience base just keep growing.

The battle of the dead tree press and the blogbitches rages......


Cactus Kate said...

Circulation and readership are differing however I ask how the Indy can possibly be surviving on that number?

And what's all this top dozen shit BB? Tumeke stats will show via readership I be 5th (3rd if you take out the compilation efforts).

kehua said...

Blogbitches and long may they reign.

B.S. said...

Cactus & BB - the Tumeke rankings are a bull-shit cock measuring wankfest. There is only one blog measurement you need to worry about - that is the independent expert analysis and ranking that I have commissioned from social media guru Coitus A. Tergo and published over at Tim & Bomber can carry on measuring the length of each others wangs if they like but they are operating an outmoded methodology.