Monday, 31 August 2009


Pacific Catch Was the retail seafood arm for Ngai Tahu. Apparently it has all but been sold. It was seen as a way for the tribe to grow the domestic market.. there was huge speculation at the time they purchased it that it was not a good buy. Sources say it used to turn over about $7 million - Ngai Tahu managed to reduce that to $4 million.

Read the strategy on page 54 of the Ngai Tahu Annual report

To say it in the process of being sold for a song would be an understatement and the dreams we all had of Ngai Tahu becoming a Talleys or a Sanfords are all but gone. Ngai Tahu has become a quota commodity trader with inshore species being leased out to Talleys.

This year will be a pivotal one for Ngai Tahu. There are elections and we will either see a change of the old guard or a new direction. Time will tell.

Ngai Tahu Shareholders, Marty Mars and we here at Roarprawn are looking to jointly report on the election process. We all hold different views. However, we all agree that there is huge interest among Ngai Tahu shareholders for more information about this watershed year. So combined we will keep you abreast of what is happening. We will offer you our very different opinions on events and we want you to add yours.

So stay tuned .....

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