Tuesday, 11 August 2009


Now we have been keeping a watching brief on all the whingy whining about MP's lives and how tough it is. Sure its not easy. But they have a choice. These guys have a choice too. I leave it up to you to decide who really has the tough job.

Here's an extract from Captains Blog about life on the southern briny.

There are some days you would rather not be here. Today we have a Southerly storm blowing 50kts and 8meter seas with sleet and snow straight off the pack ice. We know, from satellite images, that the winter pack ice is now only 200 mile to the South of us.

The air temp is -8 outside and water temp 0.

Crew in the hauling room have to rotate every 2 hours so they can thaw out with hot coffee and get dry gloves before going back on deck to finish their shift.

On the bridge it gets difficult for the driver to see through the icy windows and keep the ship on the line without letting too many big buggers (waves) pore in on top of the hauling crew.

Sam, the observer, is doing his line observations for this line from inside today. Meanwhile, in the factory and hook room, the rest of the crew are getting on with their jobs while holding on with one hand as the ship rocks, pitchers and rolls through another rough day.

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pdm said...

The latest one is Graham Kelly - has he ever had a productive proper job.