Tuesday, 18 August 2009


The elegant and sumptuous Logan Brown has taken out the supreme award in the Cuisine Magazine NZ restaurant of the year competition.
We dined there a couple of months back among a glittering bunch with a common interest in politics.

We adored the paua ravioli, which we consider one of the most sublime dishes we have had anywhere. And the wild boar pie is a bloody good 'un.

Anyway we are delighted that yet again Wellington reigns supreme in the dining stakes.

Logan Brown fare is quintessential kiwi food done with unfailing flair and style and the emphasis is always on taste.

Al Brown and Steve Logan should get a New Years honour for services to the development of iconic kiwi food. And of course they also developed the great Hunger for the Wild programme.

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Observer said...

The the wild boar pie goes way beyond "a bloody good 'un"! As a regular parttaker I have to say the only appropriate word is sublime eating.